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Application of aluminum hydroxide in waste incineration

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Application of aluminum hydroxide in waste incineration

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  • Time of issue:2019-05-22 08:25

  Waste incineration is often seen in our lives. When incineration, it emits two types of harmful substances and heavy metals. The quality of waste incineration directly affects our health. But do you know that aluminum hydroxide is also used in waste incineration?

  The calcined aluminum hydroxide can be used as an activated alumina which is widely used as an adsorbent or a catalyst carrier, and has an effect of promoting combustion, adsorbing two kinds of harmful substances, and suppressing dissolution of heavy metals in landfill incineration ash. When the incinerator is operated in the range of 800 to 1000 ° C, the aluminum hydroxide becomes activated alumina. The activated alumina has a specific surface area of ​​100 to 200 m 2 /g and has a strong ability to adsorb various chemicals.

  Japan promotes a garbage bag filled with aluminum hydroxide. In this way, it is not necessary to install a device specially equipped with aluminum hydroxide on the incinerator, and the aluminum hydroxide corresponding to the amount of waste can be put into the incinerator.

  Plastic packaging fillers have taken the lead in product packaging. They are generally incinerated at the end of their useful life. If a certain amount of aluminum hydroxide is incorporated into the production of such plastic products, not only can it maintain its original properties, but it can also increase its bending strength. More importantly, like the garbage bag containing aluminum hydroxide, the generation of harmful substances is reduced during incineration, and the environmental load is reduced.


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